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For over 30 years, the dynamic ERIC LEACH has fronted SYMBOL SIX a well respected punk rock band that shared the stage with everyone from Social Distortion to Bad Religion to Guns N' Roses. Eric works hard and stays busy so while Symbol Six was recording their fourth album Eric's creative drive inspired him to also write, record and perform original acoustic songs he describes as his most personal.  

Eric's first solo acoustic album PERFECT LIFE, released in 2016, shifts from his established "in your face" punk rock roots and it is undeniable that the reflective writing process compelled him to examine his life with more intimate and personal reflections.   


He wasted no time getting back into the studio to record his follow up record, MERCY ME. And, while his first record is solely Eric and his guitar, this time he brought in a full band that includes exceptional musicians on bass, drums, piano, organ and sax.

Eric's 3rd album BETTER WAYS, released January 2020, bring 11 new songs, forged in the intrapersonal and also shared with anyone who wants to listen.

With 2020 being a strange year for everyone, Eric continued to record but this time with his band, The Futuristics.  With Phil George on drums, Evan Shanks on Bass and Eric on guitar, you'd think these guys have being playing together for 40 years.  Eric Leach & The Futuristics new release -LOVE CRAZY MAD- is out now (June 2021). 

Eric's diverse musical tastes and interests as an artist creates an inspiring blend of Blues, Americana, Punk Rock and Rock N' Roll with intellectually profound lyrics that demand reflection.  The combination of Eric on guitar, his smoky vocals and now with a full band escalates his music as he shares the concealed.  His songs are intimate yet strong, tempting yet focused, melodic yet distinctive, straightforward yet full.