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boloney: /bə 'lōnēy (noun)

Boloney, it's an odd one. Boloney is all things wrong and at the same time, if you pay attention, Boloney gives no indication that it is otherwise. Boloney is in fact nothing it claims to be. It claims to be the "real thing" but that's just phony boloney. Boloney is filled up, fucked up and loaded with all kinds of things that are bad for you. In fact, these are a bunch of unknown, discarded parts, dumped together and mixed up with wishful intentions that you won't notice the awfulness you are experiencing. And sometimes you won't even realize it until the next day, but either way, it's just plain boloney awful. This is all it will ever be...period. Boloney lies to you, sings a happy tune to you and tries to convince anyone and everyone who will listen that it's MMM- MMM good but sadly for boloney, this is UN- UN- true. Boloney struggles in telling its truth, but it can't tell you its truth, because at its core Boloney is sloppy and disgusting...and ultimately, Boloney knows this. Boloney will always be boloney, nothing more and often much less.... and who wants less? I'll pass, thank you.

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